New Istanbul Marina Villas & Apartments Complex

New Istanbul Marina Villas & Apartments Complex


400 m² 3+1 Rooms Villa istanbul 190.000 $

New Istanbul Marina Villas & Apartments Complex

Istanbul Grand Marina Complex Istanbul


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The complex is specifically located in the Belek Dozo area, the European section of Istanbul.

The project is located at the confluence of Istanbul in the sea, with views of the sea and green areas, close to the main roads.

The project is an integrated city, consisting of 500 villas and 4,500 apartments with shopping centers, as well as commercial, educational, cultural, health and maritime services

The project is designed in a wide horizontal format, with villas and apartments that have a great standard of apartments

This is the first and largest project in the city of Istanbul

Distance to the center is 38 km

Distance to Airport 19 Km

Distance to the beach is 200 km


_Features of the complex:

The complex consists of 5000 villas and 4,500 apartments.

This complex is easily accessible to and from the project

By sea, private boats can be used or used as a car or a boat.

. (Marina) site of the complex on the new port of Istanbul

Security and clock protection.
Schools, hospitals and hotels are close to the project
Indoor and outdoor swimming pools.
Places of entertainment.
Turkish bath and steam bath.
Basketball and tennis courts.
Playgrounds for children.
Special walking paths.
Shopping center.
Cafes and restaurants.



_ Characteristics of apartments and villas:

Finished Apartments Super Deluxe.

Furnished kitchens.

Panoramic sea views.

Full bathroom sets.

Wood Floor.

Kitchen equipped with stables, oven and gas.

Natural gas continued for the apartment.

Heating with prefabricated components inside the apartment.

Air conditioning in each room.



_Apartmentsand vıllas available for sale:

Apartments room and lounge.

Two-bedroom apartments and lounge.

Three bedroom apartments and lounge.

Four bedroom apartments and lounge.


_Areas of apartments and villas:


The available apartments range from 100 square meters to 400 square meters.

Villas range from 350 square meters to private villas with an area of ​​700 square meters.


_Prices of apartments and villas:

Apartment prices start at US $ 100,000.

Villa prices start at 190,000 US dollars.

With great facilities in payment methods, in installments.

35% advance and 36 month installments.


The housing units were delivered in several stages at the end of 2017 Phase I,

At the end of 2018 the second phase,

The completion date of the entire project is estimated to be final in 2020.

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