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Anadol Property Property Consultants in Turkey

 Anadol Property Property Consultants in Turkey

Anadol Property is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate, tourism, translation and foreign trade licensed and established in Turkey.

It operates in Antalya and operates in several Turkish cities such as Istanbul, Trabzon, Bursa and Izmir.

It has been listed by Antalya Chamber of Commerce as a real estate and tourism consultancy company in Turkey


_The goals of the company:

Anadol Property is interested in finding real investment opportunities for Arab investors in particular, raising the investment value and profitability of the Arab brothers and avoiding them the potential risks in the Turkish real estate market.

_Why Anadol Property:

Anadol Property is always trying to find the best offers for the Arab brothers whether they want to invest or own in Turkey, in terms of location, value of investment property, and budget for purchase, through our extensive relations at the level of Turkish construction companies, the purchase .

Anadol Property puts the customer's comfort in the first class, where we arrange a special employee to follow up the customer and communicate with him through the Internet to understand his request and needs, and provide him with all the offers that suit his demand and possibilities.

And then we receive the client from the airport, with the possibility of making hotel reservations, where we accompany you in all stages of sale and purchase step by step.

Our services do not end once the purchase is completed. Our company is distinguished by its after-sale service from fully furnishing and managing the property, helping the client to extract the required documents and applying for a residence in Turkey under the purchase of a property in Turkey